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Daniel Neighbour is Czech, Prague born DJ and producer who’s been performing since 2006. Focusing his earlier career around Drum and Bass music playing at clubs and festivals all over the Czech Republic, where he also supported a number of foreign artists his style has since evolved.

Around 2016, he started to play deep and minimal house, then in 2019, he devoted all his musical attention to underground house music. In the same year, he began to produce his own music and his debut EP was released in April 2021 on the domestic label Digital Paradox Recordings. In same year Daniel released his second EP on the UK SHUVT.resonance label and started long term cooperation with this label.

Daniel often crafts together striking sets of mostly vinyl, minimal, micro and deep house records. In addition to DJing and production, he is also involved in promotional activities with his own brand Neighborhood.


RELEASES: Digital Paradox  |  SHUVT.resonance | THANQ |  Dobar house

FEATURES:,,,, AfterRave, DoubleTrouble and Minimal Magnolia