SHUVT.resonance was founded in early 2020 out of the SHUVT brand. What originally started as a clothing and lifestyle brand created by people passionate about the scene in 2016 has since grown into a small collective of DJs and producers. The focus with Resonance now lies in finding upcoming DJs and producers from around the world on the minimal house & techno spectrum, collaborating with them and releasing a variety of interesting music & mixcasts regularly. 

We’re always looking for new and interesting talent to join us! Our demo inbox is always open and we love hearing from artists that have got experience as well as those just starting out. We do our best to support upcoming artists through artwork creation, marketing, providing a community to feedback in and are always looking to see what else we can do to support those that release with us!

Current Support From:  [Trommel ][Moskalus] [Verzilla] [EELF] [SuS]


At Resonance we want to support new artists as much as possible through what we can provide. We don’t just sort distribution for our artists but also look into creating artwork for their release and updating their personal branding through consultation and free re-designs for signed artists to ensure their entire personal brand looks the part for their releases. We also create marketing plans for all releases and further promotional assets for the artist and resonance label to use leading up to releases.


We distribute releases to all major streaming and market platforms including; Spotify, Beatport, Juno, Tidal, Amazon Music, Google & many others!


We have multiple skilled designers with industry experience working on release covers and artist branding ensuring your image is professional!


Every release has a carefully thought out marketing strategy and assets to accompany this. Every artist will have content and a tailor made plan for their release.

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